Serving Your Whole Family—Personally

Adult & Pediatric Ear, Nose, & Throat Services

 Dr. Milbrath is an independent solo otolaryngologist who performs surgery at Wheaton Franciscan-Elmbrook Hospital and Clinics (where her clinical facilities are also located), ProHealthcare-Waukesha Memorial, and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. She has served the Brookfield, Waukesha, and Lake Country communities since 1993. Because of her independent status, she is not constrained to the use of a single hospital system when referring patients for further evaluations or studies. Dr. Milbrath works with physicians from different disciplines and from different hospitals and health systems, welcomes patients who have primary physicians from many healthplans, and accepts most patient health insurance plans (please consult your specific plan benefit and provider book). Unless required by your insurance plan, no referral is necessary. Audiology (hearing) evaluations ranging from testing young children to adults and hearing aid fitting, trial, and replacement are also available.

Dr. Milbrath accepts new patients of all ages (she is one of a few ENT physicians in southeastern Wisconsin with additional training involving ear, nose, and throat disease in children). All treatment is provided by Dr. Milbrath at all visits. She greets every patient when she calls them from the waiting room. You will see Dr. Milbrath at each office visit. If hearing testing is required, you will meet our audiologist first and then Dr. Milbrath.

Our office personnel answer all phone calls and every medical question is reviewed with Dr. Milbrath to ensure  an accurate same-day response. Emergency calls, after hours, are covered by Dr. Milbrath personally. Click here to contact us.

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