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Your nose would be examined using a nasal speculum that opens the opening to the nose and a headlight is used for visualization. Often, a spray is then used in the nose to decongest it. This allows examination of the nasal cavity. One is looking for polyps, pus, severe congestion for swelling, deviated septum or other growths or abnormalities. A scope (lighted rod or flexible scope) may be used to better visualize the nose. This is usually not necessary in the case of acute uncomplicated sinusitis in a patient who has infrequent infections. A culture may be taken of drainage in the nose to help choose antibiotic treatment. In adults, a small mirror can be used in the mouth and angled behind the palate to view the drainage path of the nose into the throat. Adenoid size can also be evaluated. It would be extremely rare for an adult to have significant adenoid size that would be causing nasal outflow obstruction. Therefore, suggestion of adenoid removal in an adult would be unlikely.

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