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Dr. Milbrath will work with you to tailor a conservative cost effective treatment plan that best meets your needs. Patient education is part of each visit to achieve an understanding of the diagnosis made and medications or recommendations to treat your problem.

We incorporate new techniques and advances in our ear, nose, and throat specialty once it is proven to be a safe, cost effective treatment modality where outcomes or results surpasses the present accepted treatment methods.

Example: Working as a team with the Anesthesiologists, operating room staff and day surgery personnel at Elmbrook Memorial Hospital, Brookfield, WI., we were able to significantly decrease the time infants and children were away from their parents after ear tube surgery. For 14 years, we have safely operated on children and returned them to their parents in 8-10 minutes after the procedure bypassing time spent in the recovering room. This has been a very positive experience for both parents and the young patients. It also significantly reduced the total cost of the hospital stay.